# Practical and Motivational Sessions

  1. T3: Towards Terrific Transformation
    “It is possible and I can do it !”

  2. S3: Simplified Social Success
    “Touch the impossible !!”

  3. Child – The Future Soul
    "Parenting Session"

  4. Where to start & where to stop
    “Always start with an end in mind”

  5. FOCUS
    “Adjust your focus”

  6. BEST
    “The way of visionary”

  7. Towards Or Away
    “My way”

  8. I
    “I am nobody, nobody is perfect”

  9. Now
    “Life is in Now”

  10. Desire
    “What do you do when you have freed yourself of all desires except the desire to be free from desire.”

  11. Second Lead
    “Chai se jyaada kettle Garam”

  12. Mind Matters
    “The frequency of a Genius”


  14. Mental Noise
    “Danger Stranger”

  15. Final Exit
    “Wish List”

  16. Protagonist
    “The World around me”

  17. EEIM
    “Everything Else is Madness”

  18. Inside Out

    "The Missed Understanding"

  20. Stay GOLD
    "The Late Bloomers"

# Spiritual Sessions

  1. S4: Sacred Saint's Spiritual Souls
    "And GOD created us !!!"

  2. Satsang & Meditation
    "Answers to the Unanswered"

  3. HEAL
    "Human Emotions Are Love"

  4. BEING
    "The God in me"

  5. Silence Nirvana
    “Be enlightened”

  6. Soul Yoga
    “Aasanas made Simple”

  7. Moun

  8. I am blessed

  9. Maa the whole universe

  10. Collective conscious

# Special Personalized Courses

  1. Hypnotism
    "Mystical Magical or Mythical"

  2. Life Coaching
    "From Darkness to Light"

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