'Miracle is the direct presence of God in a situation'

The working class today separates spirituality and practical beliefs, this establishes two distinct worlds, as a result individuals find themselves in a constant war with their own belief systems. This is the main cause of loss of harmony in ones work life which eventually reflects in personal life too.

Dr. Vinod Suvarna ji’s preaching is deeply engraved in the minds of his followers which helps them attain higher contemplative thoughts and better understanding of the practical world. His simplified ways of teaching makes it easy for people to understand and connect with him. Rightly performing the job of a mentor by simplifying lessons of life. He uses the best of his spiritual knowledge and implements them in the most practical way that seems effortless for the recipients to apply in their day to day life. One such technique which Dr. Vinod Suvarnaji uses is the NLP technique.

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